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What Are the Main Types of Limos?

Whether it’s for a wedding, prom, or another special moment, renting a limo is an awesome way to celebrate. The cost to rent a limo varies based on your location and the type of limousine you choose.

So, what are the main types of limos available, and which one will suit your needs?

Read on to learn more about your limo options so you can decide which one is right for your special occasion.

Sedan Limousine

When you’re renting a limo, make sure you know your limo options in terms of the size and how many people it seats. A sedan limo has a compact size that can typically seat between three to four passengers max.

The limo prices for sedan styles tend to be lower, simply because they’re smaller in size. This option works great for things like travel, intimate trips (like for newlyweds), or business transportation. A sedan limo is also a good choice if you want private transportation to and from a destination at a lower cost.

Types of Limos: SUV

An SUV limo works great for long trips or fun outings when you need room for more passengers. These limousines are much larger than a sedan and usually include a few extras.

Look for an SUV limo with a bar, a multimedia feature including TVs and an audio system, and storage space. One of the best things about these limo styles is that they’re roomy and comfortable. If you’re interested in an SUV or classic limo rental, find transportation services here to book a reservation.

Limo Buses

Also called party buses, limo buses are much larger in size than sedan and SUV limousines. These luxury buses can typically handle up to 30 passengers, making them the biggest option available.

Many limo buses include a full-service bathroom, reclining seats, sofas, fully equipped bars, and awesome interior lighting. This mode of transportation is great if you want to host a party on wheels. They’re also a ton of fun to book for birthday and bachelorette parties.

Stretch Limo

This option is the most popular of all types of limos due to its iconic shape. A stretch limo is basically a sedan limousine stretched out, making it longer and roomier.

Most stretch limousines can handle much more than four passengers, and they also usually include tons of extras like bars, LED lighting, and stereo systems. A lot of people rent stretch limos for proms and special events that lots of people are attending together.

Find Your Limo Today

From classic sedans and SUVs to buses and more, there are lots of different types of limos to choose from. Book your limo based on how many people are riding with you and what types of features you want the most.

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