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Stylish Sarees for Working Professionals and Office Workers

Sarees have always been an integral part of Indian culture, with every Indian woman’s wardrobe being incomplete without them. This is why sarees have now started to be accepted as proper formal wear in major corporations. The elegance and classiness of sarees know no bounds. This is why it has become increasingly popular for women to wear sarees to their workplaces and offices. One only needs to keep in mind the appropriate dress code. Also, a saree is one of the most stylish outfits you can wear to work.

Wearing a saree to work will give you a bold and stylish look. It would help if you remembered a few things to be under a professional dress code. 

Choosing Subtle Colors and Patterns

A workplace is not synonymous with a fashion show. You should not wear inappropriate clothes to work. Simple and sober colors are the best options. The colors and patterns of your saree should showcase your professionalism and work ethic. Very bright colors are not suitable for an office. So, wear muted and simple colors to work, like pastels, greens, pinks, etc. You can also wear a black saree, which would look stylish and be appropriate at the same time.

Picking A Comfortable Fabric

Sarees are available in various fabrics, ranging from silks to cotton, from georgette to chiffon. However, the priority for an office setting should be comfort and professionalism. After all, you need to wear the saree for your entire working day and work in it. It needs to be comfortable for that. So, choose airy and breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, georgette, chiffon, etc. These fabrics are lightweight and airy, making them very comfortable to work in. They are also very easy to drape and style so that you will be office-ready in just a few minutes. 

Styling The Blouse Right

As said, an office is not a fashion show. You can flaunt your style, but it should be in subtle ways and should not look inappropriate. So, picking the right blouse style is imperative. Make sure the neck of the blouse is not too deep since that would look inappropriate. Instead, you can use more power-invoking necklines like a high collar or halter neckline. Make sure that the back is just a little deep, too. The blouse color should match the color of the saree, which would lead to a simple yet coherent look. 

Simple Makeup and Accessories

Simple makeup and accessories are the keys to proper formal wear. As for jewelry, you can wear small and dainty pendants. You can also wear minimalist earrings, which should match the rest of your ensemble. You can also wear some rings on your fingers, which would help showcase your tastes and style. It also wear vintage watches, adding a playful touch to your outfit. The makeup should also be simple and professional. Since the nude makeup style is trendy these days, that should be the makeup style you should aim for. Try nude colors like light browns and pink to do your makeup. This would help put up a more professional look. 


Hence proved sarees are wider than just festivals or weddings. They can be styled to look appropriate in professional settings as well. Thus, wearing sarees to work will ensure that you remain close to your cultural roots while at the same time looking stylish and professional for work. 

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