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What to Expect During Laser Cold Sore Treatment

Did you know that roughly 80% of United States adults have experienced the virus oral herpes? More often known as cold sores, oral herpes is an exceptionally common ailment that the majority of people will experience in their life. But how do you go about treating cold sores?

When it comes to cold sore treatment, laser treatments are the best method. If you’re curious about laser cold sore treatment, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about cold sore solutions.

What is a Cold Sore?

To begin, what is herpes, and how can lasers aid you?

HSV-1 is a herpes simplex virus that stays in the body. Studies show that about 90% of adults have been exposed to the virus by the age of 50. Once infected, there’s no way to remove the virus from your body.

Most people are exposed by engaging in intimate contact with someone else who is infected. Thankfully, HSV-1 is almost always dormant. However, there are times when the virus will flare up or cause an outbreak.

These flares cause redness and sores around the mouth and lips. It starts with a swollen redness along with a hot pain or itching. Soon after, fluid-filled blisters may appear.

The fluid is a highly-contagious virus and should be kept away from others at all costs. These blisters will begin to leak after a few days. In roughly five days, the sores will crust over and then heal.

These sores are most commonly referred to as cold sores. There are also many strains of herpes that won’t all react to treatment the same way. Treating cold sores is generally done similarly across all virus strains.

Laser Treatment

Now that we better understand cold sores, what is laser treatment? As you may suspect, laser treatment is done with a low-powered medical laser device. These lasers are similar in essence to the lasers used to remove hair.

Dentists are often the doctors that will take care of cold sores due to their proximity to the mouth. Still, you can likely find a general practitioner willing to help you as well. It depends on the doctor’s practice and what equipment they may have.

Lasers are often preferred due to not requiring any anesthetic. As such, there are no needles involved in the procedure. You also won’t need to worry about feeling foggy from the anesthesia.

Furthermore, there is no discomfort during or following laser treatment. The laser is effective at neutralizing the virus without causing harm to the patient.

Each treatment takes only a few minutes. Furthermore, treatments often cause sores to recur with less frequency in the location treated. Should a sore emerge, they’re generally less intense than before.

A dental laser is the most effective tool for laser cold sore treatment. Look into your local Trenton Dentist and see if they’re able to help you with cold sore treatment.

When to Seek Laser Cold Sore Treatment

When can you seek treatment for your cold sores? Unfortunately, not all cold sores can be treated. If you wait too long, you may find that the sores need to run their natural life out.

The good news is that should this happen, cold sores don’t last long. While they’re highly uncomfortable, they only last about 10-14 days. They can last longer if it’s a severe outbreak or if you pick at them.

It’s strongly recommended you leave them alone. Not only will picking at them hurt, but it will also spread the infectious virus around, which can worsen the outbreak. Furthermore, the sores are more likely to scar and will take longer to heal.

All that said, you should seek treatment immediately upon noticing an outbreak. Once you feel the burning sensation, seek a dentist within 48 hours.

The Process

Now that we know more about seeking laser treatment, what is laser treatment? Is this a painful experience? Here’s everything you need to know about the process of treating cold sores.

Painless Treatment

To begin, the treatment is absolutely painless. Many are surprised at the gentle sensation, as some people expect lasers to be harsh or painful.

Instead, laser treatment for cold sores consists of a gentle laser light shining on the cold sore. You will not feel discomfort during the procedure.

Furthermore, there is no reported discomfort after the procedure. Rather, the pain lessens quickly as the lasers greatly speed up the healing process. As such, the pain will fade quicker than if you allow it to heal naturally.

Treatment consists of several rounds of 2-4 minute sessions. These are most often done in one trip to the doctor.

Near-Instant Recovery

A standard cold sore or fever blister will take up to two weeks to heal naturally. If you’re picking at the sores (or if it’s a vicious outbreak), then you may find the healing process taking longer. Unfortunately, there’s often a chance that the same spot will flare up again later as well.

For laser treatment, the relief is immediate and profound. You also will heal within a few days rather than two weeks or more.

Additionally, it’s unlikely that you’ll suffer another outbreak in the same spot. While the virus will remain within you, its impact is lessened as a result of the lasers. Should you experience an outbreak in the same spot, it will not be as severe.

Lasers as Cold Sore Treatment

Laser cold sore treatment is the best method of treating cold sores. If you catch your cold sores quickly enough, you can make the healing process significantly faster and eliminate the pain. While there are many over-the-counter cold sore solutions you can use, none will provide the same immediate relief and health benefits.

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