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Why Is Public Education Important?

The United States recently allocated roughly $200 billion to its education budget. It’s one of the largest areas of spending and emphasis in the country and for good reason.

Having a public education system that is open to every child of school age is a foundational element of a thriving civilization. Parents have the choice of sending their children to public schools or paying for private education. What makes public school a good choice?

Here are some reasons why public education is vital to today’s society.

Public Education Helps to Socialize

For one, public education is helpful because it’s the most common way to socialize kids. Advancing through the stages of life in early life starts with matriculating through the grade levels.

While private school accomplishes the same, public school has far more students and is more representative of the world that students will face in their adult lives. It provides an excellent way for kids to find friends, build potential lifelong bonds, learn to resolve conflicts, and go through all of the social issues that will help shape the rest of their lives.

Extracurricular Activities Are Plentiful and Important

Sending your child to school gives them an education, along with the opportunity to participate in activities that interest them. Public schools have a wide variety of activities that kids can take part in, including sports, the arts, and education-based activities.

By participating in these sorts of activities, a child becomes more well-rounded and receives life lessons and memories that they will carry with them for their entire lives. Many people whose athletic careers ended in high school still have dreams about big games they participated in and relive memories with old coaches and teammates.

It teaches kids the principles of teamwork and instills the value of serious competition. Since these activities are plentiful and widely available in public schools, it’s a great opportunity for students, no matter what they’re interested in.

It’s Free for Everyone

Don’t lose sight of the fact that public school is also the most cost-effective option. Public school is funded by tax dollars and is free to all school-age kids. Compare this to private school, which has steep tuition costs.

If money is at all an issue, public school is the best bet. It makes sure that kids get access to the same education regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances. This also takes the burden away from parents, who can make sure that their child is taken care of and able to learn.

It bridges the gap to a prosperous future and allows them the ability to continue their education at the next level.

Public Education Helps to Deter Crime

Several studies back the fact that a well-educated society has less crime. Education and opportunity make people less likely to commit to a life of crime. When educational resources are top-notch and widely available, it benefits society even more.

This is also the case because students are in school and accounted for, rather than roaming the streets during school hours. They will have their hands full with school work and responsibilities and have a sense of belonging. All of these details combine to keep crime at bay and make society safer for everyone.

It’s Essential for Public Wellness

Education also contributes to a healthier society. People are more likely to use critical thinking and make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness when they are educated. This also leads to people getting their education and then reinvesting in their communities to make them better places.

People who are educated will also be less likely to engage in risky behavior and can look after their health and well-being. They will go on to raise healthy families to keep contributing to society and continue this positive cycle.

Schools Help to Verify Children’s Well-Being

Public schools also play an important role in verifying the wellness of kids. Many children unfortunately grow up in volatile or potentially dangerous households. Since school attendance is mandatory, teachers and faculty can notice when something seems a miss.

They might recognize when abuse happens or if the child hasn’t shown up in a long time. For many kids living in poverty, school breakfast and lunches are the only times that they get a hot meal each day. Schools provide many kids with access to resources that they don’t have at home.

Public schools fulfill this role for so many kids all across the country, in a meaningful and potentially life-saving way.

Public Schools Are Widely Available

You’ll also appreciate that there are several public schools available. Your child is automatically zoned for a school, but there are also magnet programs and other circumstances that allow you to choose.

The sheer number of schools available opens you up to plenty of options to make sure that your child gets the best education possible. You’ll have more say over their education and can help them on the path toward improving their lives and eventually entering a career path.

Students Learn Civic Participation

Finally, public school provides an excellent way for kids to learn civics and community participation. In fact, public schools often serve as polling places, locations for charitable events, and sites for public meetings.

These schools are considered public property, so a child can feel ownership over their community by being a member of a school. They also learn that they are part of a greater community, which they have a responsibility to.

The Importance of Public Education

As you can see, public education plays a huge role in our society and life as a whole. It’s a vital piece of the puzzle that requires support and participation.

Consider these tips and check out our other posts to learn more about education, raising a family, and so much more.

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